Kat Fitzpatick Offers Encaustic Workshop to Church Communities

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Bay St. Louis Artist Kat Fitzpatrick offers a two-day encaustic workshop, Courting Stillness — An Icon Workshop for the Harried Pilgrim, to church communities. Kat Fitzpatrick brings your church or organization a different kind of workshop. Using stillness and music, she shifts focus inward, allowing participants to look for that quiet place of reflection and renewal. Participants will be introduced to the "how to" of basic encaustic (beeswax) collage.

The language of icons is a language of prayer. Whether by returning to ancient encaustic images or by using photocopies of beloved trees, animals, friends or family for inspiration, we will create a modern icon that resonates with our own understanding of the mystery that shines through us all.
— Kat Fitzpatrick

Images of traditional icons, hand-colored and reconfigured will be used. She encourages participants to ponder in advance ideas of what feels sacred, and personal, to them. What in their life invokes a feeling of reverence?

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Participants are asked to bring an array of images that might include, but not be limited to, gardening catalogs, images of birds, butterflies, trees, flowers, small photocopies, (color or high contrast black and white), of children or pets. Shallow costume jewelry, small precious objects of any kind, dried flowers, fabric, hand-written prayers, love letters, arches, beautiful papers and lace all work for embedding in the wax.

Materials — a wood icon form and a variety of icon starts/faces and wax — are included. You will personalize the image with what you bring from your own life and home. Bring enough to share and swap. All spiritual paths honored and welcomed.

Workshop Costs

The cost for the two-day workshop is $240.00 per person. Materials for the students, with the exception of the items use to personalize their work, is included in the workshop cost. Lunch is provided by the workshop host.

What You Should Bring

Bring an array of images from your life, children, home and precious small objects of any kind to incorporate into your work.

How to Book a Workshop

Kat schedules the Courting Stillness — An Icon Workshop for the Harried Pilgrim for churches and organizations with a minimum of six participants. Contact Kat at katfitzpatrick@bellsouth.net. In the email specify several possible dates — at least two months in advance — that would work for you. She will get back with you to confirm a date and details about hosting the workshop. Any classes scheduled requiring travel over one hour should also include travel and overnight accommodations.