Let it Flow Encaustic Workshop — January 2018 Dates TBA

Join Kat Fitzpatrick at the beautiful Gumtree Museum of Art, 211 Main Street, Tupelo, MS,  for a two-day encaustic workshop, January 29 and 30. The workshop is designed to introduce students to the use of the ancient art medium of encaustic — damar crystals+beeswax+pigment).

Beginners, as well as seasoned artists will find a rich and versatile “new” medium that has been around almost 2,000 years. It is fragrant, durable up to temperatures of 160 degrees and beautiful either in its natural amber state or with pigment added.

The cost of the workshop is $325 per person. No materials need be purchased by the students, although Kat strongly urges participants to bring personal treasures from home. These may include black and white high contrast copies of family photos, old letters or ephemera, lace, dried flowers, decorative papers, flat costume jewelry, etc. to be incorporated in the artwork. Students can easily go home with five completed pieces over the course of two days.

For more information or to register, contact Kim Caron at kim@thecarongallery.com or call
(662) 205-0351 or (662) 401-1828